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I am an excellent employee, and you are also one of the few people who are close to the boss and trusted by the boss. Recently, the company has had difficulties and has had to cut staff. The boss assigned this job to Matsuda, and he quickly chose the restaurant, and will terminate the contract with the two people at the end of this month. But before that, through a conversation between three employees, he discovered I was still a virgin, taking advantage of this point, she and her staff planned to make him withdraw his decision. When I called them both into the meeting room, they continuously touched his cock, said lewd words into his ear, and promised to give him even more pleasure if they withdrew their decision to terminate the contract. Unable to resist the attraction of both, I withdrew my decision. To thank, Nene and Momo helped him "graduate" from being a virgin. From then on, he was constantly invited by two female colleagues to have sex with him, they always milked him to the last drop of sperm...

HUNTB-547 The girls served beer very well
 Movie Code: HUNTB-547 
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